Why Vegan Foods Are Gaining in Popularity with Environmentalists

Any vegan will tell you that a plant-based diet not only saves the lives of animals, but eating a strict vegan diet also helps to save the environment. By looking at the new products filling the grocery store shelves, it’s easy to see that vegan-friendly foods are quickly growing in popularity. Vegan foods are frequently consumed by both herbivores and omnivores alike. Eating vegan has a positive impact on the environment.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Many meat-eaters don’t realize how much carbon dioxide is released into the environment as a result of their diet. Cutting back or eliminating animal products will greatly reduce your personal carbon footprint. It takes a lot of effort to produce meat. First, the farm animals must be fed grain. This grain is usually mass-produced and packaged in a factory, resulting in carbon emissions. Finally, processing the livestock into meat requires even more machinery. Eating a plant-based diet of Environmentally Friendly foods, however, cuts back on these harmful carbon emissions. Since these products can often be consumed directly from the source, fewer processing factories are needed. Even those foods which do require some processing don’t produce nearly as much carbon emissions as processing meat.

Save the Water

Water is essential to all living beings on the planet. Both plants and animals require fresh water in order to thrive. However, clean water is also scarce in some parts of the world. Those who choose a vegan lifestyle help to protect water sources. Livestock farms require large quantities of water in order to raise their animals. The majority of the grain produced in the world is used by farmers to feed their animals, and this grain needs copious amounts of water to grow. Water is also needed to help run the machinery inside most processing facilities. While plants also require water to grow, it actually takes more of this life sustaining liquid to produce meat and dairy products.

Going vegan is more than just way to protect animals from slaughter. It is also beneficial to the environment. Be sure to look out for the different vegan products in your grocery store. Even if you just eat vegan once a week, you will be doing your part to help save the planet for future generations.